Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Good and free

I'm a person who deeply believes that without purpose music or any other art form is pointless. We've moved into an era in which the self glorification at any cost becomes the illusion of accomplishment. I've been fortunate to have done this since I was a teen. Ironically it's a fact that I really played music back then to get cash to party. I was too young for a union card and my contract was on notebook paper. I sense intervention from some divinity because I ended up meeting folks who shaped my view of this craft. Miles Davis told me most of what I needed. He said "Daryl. fuck it". I guess you can't possibly go wrong with such a specific aim. LOL. So as this year winds down, I'm grateful that the documentary and shows have given me a lot. I hope to meet so many new cats in 09. I get tons of e mail from strangers yet they feel familiar in the sense that we collectively agree on fuck it. DH

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