Saturday, February 21, 2009


To my fellow pro artist, I think there's an inherent responsibility to something beyond self worship. The playing Field has shifted and there's a cotton candy mine field to navigate. However if you subscribe to the laws of reciprocity it's a matter on natural occurrence. Through the glut of superficiality some of the more fortunate become a little misguided. I'll clarify, BILLBOARD and GRAMMY'S never fed the hungry folks who actually buy the music. It resupplies the vain and clueless the nectar of foolishness in which they imbibe their delusions. It's a mere promoter's resume stuffer. Meanwhile Lay offs , A.I.D. S only become cause celeb during voting seasons. Since you have the following of spoon fed minions sustaining your summer house, give something the fuck back. Stop the bullshit and actually reach out to someone beyond the photo ops. It's time to actually render our gifts to something priceless, gratitude. So the next pro who sends me some self serving shit, I'm bringing the homeless to your door.

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