Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Obama dissed as usual

I received an e mail today, from a lady who was very upset at what she perceived as a "snub" by the Russian Politburo. Apparently, there was no one interested in shaking the new president's hand but the few locals on hand after a meeting with Russia's president. She went on to further point out how that wasn't the case with prior presidents even during the cold war. I thought about it for a minute. What I responded with was that if you look at most of the written news media as well as television broadcasters, you can notice the way most don't even refer to the president as the "President". It's usually just Obama as though they're cut buddies from the hood. The title is often used in his case when there is a gripe or something he did or did not do becomes headlines. Then we're reminded he is the "President'. So to the lady let me say this. Steel and diamonds are forged through extreme heat. I think that the President will be just fine. Those with larger agenda's than spirituality or I.Q. never do more than feed on negativity. If they can sick dogs on protesters on television, beat the hell out of citizens, bomb the hell out of countries and still sleep at night, what else would you expect? Keep in mind negativity only is as strong as the weak allows it to be. Dissed as usual is the order of the day for those who want to hold on to the myth of the color blind society.

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