Friday, June 5, 2009

Tweak obsession. Confessions of a wandering soul

Finishing the song list for both the tour set list and cd song catalog is a trip. I carry the music in my head,( bad move). This drives me to what I call the tweak obsession stage LOL. I've not met in all of my years doing this any, any, any artist that wished they could've taken a piece of a tune out and redo it until the hearts content. Everyone I know tells me the same thing. We're zapped with the " artistic" paradigm. Ironic because we hate critics. We shun them. However we absolutely dog our own work LOL. I will hear a tune I'm on and walk out of the room. So I'm hitting that curve of precious manic vision. Maybe I'll take up bag pipes. That's one instrument that seems to transcends too much scrutiny. I'm off to the music store.

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