Monday, May 25, 2009

Blogging or cyber puglilism

I'm a virtual newcomer to the blogging landscape. Interesting none the less, there's a an abundance of emotion. Topics from entertainment to pseudo academics, it's informative. In college the mere title of professor gave the teacher a captive audience. Man who could have known? Though it seems that blogs spawn forums which in turn creates forums. That's where the angst rolls, LOL. The put downs from the realms of anonymity makes brave the shadow dwellers, neer do wells and pontifs of other peoples work. I miss the tournaments where we fought all day against martial artist from the nether regions. Sore muscles fractured bones were the price of finding your weakness and the merits of technique. I get asked questions now about brand name instruments and who are the gods of music?. I answer that if u want to learn about those things u need to subscribe to the forums where the answers flow freely from cats that not only cannot keep a beat but believe that it's the genre that creates the artist. To disagree lends itself to the back and forth tug over blog sacredness. So on this day that we remember those who have fallen in defense of the abstract concepts of right and wrong. Vets like myself and fellow marines can feel pride that the peace we fought for is in the hands of cyber warriors. LOL.

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