Monday, May 18, 2009


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It’s been one of the most intense weekends in my entire life. Family issues regarding illness has pretty much kicked the wind out of my sails. In this regard I’m truly not unique. I would think that due to my life in music, I’m always looking at time as some type of convenient consideration based on performance deadlines. Tuning up for a tour is like a daydream when I consider the pains of cancer on a senior whose entire life has been about physical and academic perfection in one case and giving to the young in the other.

I play music for a living and that’s just one of the experiences in a life that has been marked by resurrection in cycles. I’ve always been secure that I would accomplish whatever, whenever I choose. Well reality check. I’m determined to help my family be as comfortable and stress free as possible.. Never let time fool you into a false sense of your own importance. It will never be worth a Grammy or anything platinum.

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