Friday, May 1, 2009

I would imagine that the surge of cyber info is supposed to "connect the outer realm of souls to the cutting edge of imformation". However It's a saturation of commercials disguised as news. As a rule I don't make a habit of reading about my friends or myself. Those in the industry understand this thought. Most of what's written is filtered down is freeze dried crap. It was a time when I thought the term google meant something tame like a television show for kids. Now when I hear the term which evolved to a verb from a noun or pronoun depending where you went to school, the hairs on my neck stand up. The sheer volume of tags and links daze me like tracer rounds in the dark. With so much info, why are we so dumb? I mean on a world scale we really don't shine above flexing and barking like a caged dog that really doesn't want to get loose. My point is that now as artist we have to devote more time on a typepad than a studio. 1/3 music 2/3 hype. Damn

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