Tuesday, May 12, 2009

de ja vu

I'm signing another deal. The language and terms are always in old English/Latin terms. It's almost like lawyers putting Esq. behind their names as though it actually means something real. I'm always amused as to how the printing gets smaller as your earning potential gets stranger. It's deja -Vu for myself. The old planet of the apes movies where the human veil is reversed and the apes stick it to us big time. Music execs r lawyers. Wanna be artist who hide their flaws behind verbiage and Armani. What's the deal with the hair gel? That being said Los Angeles is still as I left it last time. The haves and the barely making it crew. Maybe one day the big one will come and the poor can wave out at the Pacific ocean and see the "pretty people" rowing in canoes with antique light stands for oars and silicone implants for life vest. LOL. Where's room service? I feel like paying 8 dollars for a grilled cheese sandwich.

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